Friday, June 23, 2017

Too Hot

These two usually squabble over who gets to nap in the shade of the old apple box, but it is too hot today for squabbling.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Whoop Whoop Friday

I am happy to say that all those plaid/stripe blocks are now done!  Now they will take their turn being sewn into foursies as part of my Scrappy Wednesday.  This is my year to 'enjoy' and I am enjoying my year long tiny block projects.

I added to the Temecula flying geese project.  There are 60 more geese to go and I'm not rushing them.

Today I will concentrate on getting the 'mamma' stars into their flimsy stage.  All of the sashings and corner stones are cut - this should chain right thru the machine.  It's to be a rainy day (rain for the next 5 days), good day to stitch away.

They look a little lonely!  My start on the temperature quilt.  I am using the mid-day temp as my day's temperature for selecting fabric.  We have quite a difference from morning to dusk right now, so this makes it easier.  Although that one looks yellow, it actually is a very limey green.

The biggest Whoop is the new printer is finally here - the last techie part to get updated/replaced.  I got a wonderful deal at half price and ink cartridges 20% off and I had enough marks on my Office Max member's card to get another 10% off my entire order.

Sewingly Yours,

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Scrappy Wednesday

Monday I had another 'turn off' day as we had flood and tornado alert for 24 hours.  After losing so much on just a little electrical blip, I didn't want to take chances.  There was hand work to catch up on anyway.

Finally when things seemed safe Tuesday afternoon, I powered up the machine and finished the last five of the smaller CW stars.  These will wait now as their bigger 'momma' stars get priority on turning into a flimsy.

Then I went smaller and worked on the newest Temecula 'Mini Monday' block - the one with the pinwheel center.  This was the first time my Juki tried to 'eat' my tiny bits of fabric.  I had just cleaned, oiled, and put in a new needle - but it was persistant in jamming those bits into the bobbin casing.  I figured I had a bad new needle after trying some larger scrap to stitch on - it sounded 'clunky'.  Either it had a spur or the nice new point just wasn't there and changed it out - no more problems.

Then I pulled out my plaid project and did up another set of 10.  I figured I better count - because some times I can't count to10 or in 10's.  I need 24 more of these and I am going to have to dig in other places for plaid or stripe to finish this project off.  I'm sure it is somewhere in all the scraps I have - I'm not going out for another shirt at the thrift shop.

Then I can start putting these into groups of 4.  It will be easier to put the flimsy finish using larger '4-patch' sections as well as spread out the color and design.

Luckily our stormy weather pattern cleared itself up and I went out later in the day to .......

a lovely 'Mid-Summer Tea' at our local library.  They had a sweet little setting on the front porch.  It was bring your own tea cup and something to share snack type event.  And the little cutie-pie event coordinator made the most scrumptous strawberry truffle!!!!!  OMG!!!  I'm not a desert person, but I admit I had two servings of this delight.

Back to catching up on all those scrappy blocks,
Sewingly Yours,

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Rain, Rain, Rain

We are seeing some sun today, but June has been almost as rainy as May (and April).  This is looking off my front porch and that front field has been nearly half underwater for the past 3 months.

With the rain, I worked on catching up on some things.  The 'Two Step' mystery blocks.  Yes, I managed to make large blocks without fainting.

The newest blocks for 'Patchwork Sampler' - my savior!  Small blocks with tiny pieces.

I have all the sections done for the next 'Yankee Diary' block and need to get this stitched .  Not sure I like the backward flag, but I know they had them in this era's quilts.

And SARAH has a sew-along with the popular 'temperature' quilts.  I will start mine on Summer Solstice and will be using this color chart as a quide.  I have gotten very behind on my hand stitching and need to reform to the machine gets turned off at set time and only needle/thread in hand time after.

I need to pull my color matching scraps - found an empty shoe box tote for this and have my hexie papers ready.

This is were I will be for Father's Day - Vending.  I'm hoping the weather holds.  I've scheduled just one show a month until November and this will be my last year vending.

Sewingly Yours,